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5 Reasons Would-Be Customers Do Not Purchase

  1. Final Sticker Shock
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Texas Two-Step: Siesta Village Market Back for a Second Look

It looks like the Texas retailer case of Siesta Village Market is headed back to court for a second look.  The plaintiff’s announced they are petitioning for a rehearing of the panel’s decision a few weeks back to refuse to rehear the case en banc before of the entire 5th Circuit Court of Appeals.  The plaintiffs understand it is necessary to exhaust their options before the full Court of Appeals before proceeding to the Supreme Court, should it come to that.  The plaintiffs cited the following in their petition:

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Recent Direct Shipping News

A few recent developments on the direct shipping front of which you should be aware:

Texas:  The U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals has refused a rehearing en banc of last January’s Siesta Village Market decision by a panel of 5th Circuit judges.  The panel had ruled to uphold the Texas law prohibiting out-of-state retailers from shipping consumer direct to Texas residents.  This means such retailer shipments will remain illegal unless one of two things occurs:

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On-Demand Wine and Spirits Sales and Marketing

On-Demand Sales and Marketing

Convivium Brands can  save you money with our On-Demand Sales and Marketing program, while allowing you to focus your resources on achieving your annual goals.

Whether it is a market blitz to bump sales, re-visiting accounts that haven't bought your wine this year, meeting with your distributor or attending a portfolio tasting, we can provide you with a presence in the market at a fraction of the cost you would spend doing it yourself.

Private Label Project Timeline

General timing guidelines for start to finish private label wine projects would be approximately six to eight weeks as follows:
  • Federal Label approval: 4 weeks to 8 weeks
  • Label printing: 1 to 2 weeks
  • Bottling, labeling, packing and paletizing: 1 to 7 days
  • Shipping / trucking: 1 to 2 weeks (domestic), 2 to 6 weeks (imported)
If you need help finding a distributor or warehouse to import, store and deliver your wine for you please

Private Label Wine and Spirits Project Management

  • Determine your price point and varietal(s)
  • Choose from our growing list of selections or fill out a private label wine request form here.
  • Design your label
  • Design your wine shipping box (optional)
  • Taste, evaluate and choose your wine(s)
  • Submit label artwork to TTB for label approval (must be submitted by a licensed importer, winery or distributor)
  • Send artwork to winery for label printing
  • Arrange for local distributor to bring in, warehouse and deliver your private label wine for you (we can handle this for you as well)

Features and Benefits

  • Private label wines are more profitable than comparable quality brand name wines
  • Private label wines are a unique offering for your guests: a wine exclusively available in your restaurant, store or hotel
  • Private label wines are a brand extension
  • Guests won't see your wines on sale at the local store for less than you charge by the glass
  • You control your own supply and costs without having to overbuy to get the top deal
  • You determine your gross margin on key items (private dining wines, wine by the glass) and lock in your profits

What We Do

On-Demand Sales and Marketing

Sales blitz, wait-staff training, distributor presentation, ride-withs, independent market work...We can save you travel expenses by filling in for you at events on the opposite coast.

Private Label Wines and Spirits Sourcing

Convivium Brands sources Private Label Wines and Spirits from Wineries and Distillers around the world.


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