What We Do

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On-Demand Sales and Marketing

Sales blitz, wait-staff training, distributor presentation, ride-withs, independent market work...We can save you travel expenses by filling in for you at events on the opposite coast.

Private Label Wines and Spirits Sourcing

Convivium Brands sources Private Label Wines and Spirits from Wineries and Distillers around the world.

We seek out the best suppliers for each project to create the perfect blend for your needs.

We rigorously taste through hundreds of samples submitted from suppliers  eager to create Private Label Wines and Spirits for our clients.

Private Label Production Project Management

From sourcing your brand, sales and marketing budgets, launch planning, packaging design through logistics and fulfillment, we can manage your project for you, so you can concentrate on the big picture.

Direct to Trade Fulfillment: Clearing and Distribution as a Service

In order to sell to licensees (restaurants, stores, hotels) in the U.S., suppliers need to go through a wholesale distributor.  We offer importing and distribution services to wineries and distilleries that want to take control of their own sales plans and market and sell directly to buyers.